It’s better to share

My entire life (up to now), I’ve held my feelings close to my chest.  Mainly for fear of judgement and criticism.  Then my marriage started to dissolve.  My husband and I grew further and further apart and rather than find some mutual ground to save our marriage he decided to seek solace elsewhere.

A few years back, I came across a book by Jenny Lawson.  With great humour she tells of her life with depression and anxiety.  Some of my friends hated the book – it was a bookclub choice.  For me, it was an aha moment.  Holy crap I am not as weird or unusual as I thought I was.  I can’t explain how amazing it was to find out that I was not alone.  I love reading Jenny’s blog –

More about my struggle with anxiety and depression another day.

Anyway, when my marriage collapsed I decided not to crawl into a cave, but to reach out to everyone around me.  Current friends, family (well some of them anyway), acquaintances, and even friends I hadn’t talked to in ages.

It was amazing.

People genuinely wanted to help.  To offer support and give advice.  Granted, the amount of advice reminded me of being pregnant – I got A LOT of advice, some certifiably weird.  Many friends shared their stories – all of which ended with success and the fact that their lives are a lot better now.  Sure, there is a struggle, but things get better.

Things get better!  You can leave an unhappy marriage.

You/I deserve to be loved!


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