I may be over 50 but I’m not dead

Ok I realize I may lose some of you here.

Let’s talk sex.  When I was married, in those last few years, I rarely had sex with my husband.  Sure I missed it, but to tell the truth I wasn’t really attracted to him anyway he had become a different person. But now that there is a possibility of having sex again – DAMN, things are starting to wake up.  I find myself craving cuddles, kisses, caresses (the self pleasure thing is not enough).  Where exactly does a women go to have her needs met.  For a guy it’s socially acceptable to go to a bar and pick up a woman and have a one night stand without any worries about coming to physical harm.  A woman who does the same is called derogatory names – cougar, slut, etc.

I’m finding it impossible to judge people on dating website.  And the ones I’m interested in, don’t seem to want anything to do with me.  Where do I meet someone who is sensitive and um… ready and willing?

So why not brothels.  Why not have clean, regulated, safe places for women to go and get ‘serviced’.  Other more liberal countries offer this service.  If only my financial situation allowed me to  jump on a plane, but it doesn’t.  Women are sexual beings too.  In a study of willingness to have sex with a stranger, researchers found that none of the female participants were willing to have sex with a strangers.

“Of course the sociological interpretation-that women are interested in love while men are interested in sex-is not the only possible interpretation of these data. It may be, of course that both men and women are equally interested in sex but men associated fewer risks with accepting a sexual invitation than did women. Men may be more confident of their ability to fight back a physical assault than did women. Also, the remnants of the double standard may make women afraid to accept a man’s invitation.(Clark, Russell and Elaine Hatfield (1989). “Gender Differences in Receptivity to Sexual Offers.” Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality Vol. 2(1): pp 39-48.)

Also, the study was done with college students (whose prospects at having sex, meaningful or otherwise is much higher) and not middle aged women.  Women, not considered attractive to a large portion of the population simply due to their age.   Women who are more comfortable with their sexuality. There is a great scene in the movie ‘Doris’ with Sally Field, where she is ignored in a store – it’s both funny and sad.

Maybe the canadian government could stop wasting time auditing people and set up some legislation around brothels.

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