Try meditation they said

In order to calm my racing mind it was suggested that I try mindful meditation.  I’ve tried meditation and Yogic breathing within my yoga classes and on my own.  I just didn’t get it.  I could not relax enough to listen to the supposedly calming voices of the instructors.  At home, I tried different voices and different apps.  I tried sitting up, lying down.  Eyes open, eyes closed and meditations of differing lengths.  And honestly I would just get frustrated at my inability to relax my mind.

I was then invited to an event called Breathing the Wisdom of the Trees.  The instructor is someone I like and respect.  She has years of experience.  In this event we would be practicing yogic breathing in the middle of the forest.

In the trees!!

Forest Breathing incorporated the medicine of trees with the ancient practice of Yogic breathing (Pranayama).   In the middle of the forest, on a very very cold day, she guided us through breathing techniques.  Sitting on my pillow, with a hot water bottle, bundled up in several layers of wool I started to breathe, following her example.  Something amazing happened.  Sitting next to the stream, surrounded by trees, I relaxed.  I got it!  My stomach muscles relaxed, my brain calmed.  I had an ah-ah moment.  I certainly can’t explain what happened but I just know that I felt completely at peace with myself and those around me.

It seems that all along, I simply needed to breathe and meditate amongst the trees.


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