I will not be invisible

The other day I came across an article about a book written by a woman who was going through middle age.  She said that going through menopause and becoming a non-reproductive female was like a demotion. The no longer fertile are surplus.  What?!

The author went on to say how she welcomed the fact the she would be among the invisible and wouldn’t have to worry about being attractive and its associated upkeep. What?!!!  I refuse to be invisible!  My inability to bear children does not mean that I will stop taking care of my body style my hair or dress nicely. I do things for myself.

This kind of discussion about menopause and females going through middle age, is to me absolutely ludicrous. Why do we continue to judge females only by their reproductive value. Society certainly doesn’t judge men the same.  It is not said that a man has no value if they can’t produce semen and because they don’t have the ability to father a child

So a woman can’t have children anymore. She is still a woman. She still a person. She is still a contributing member of society. She has years of experience and knowledge.

The fact that this woman felt like this is a sad comment on our society.

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