It’s a blue day today

Why is it that wonderful fun sunny days are followed by blue cloudy rainy days?

Yesterday was fun.  I cycled about 40km with a friend.  It was beautiful and sunny.  The parks were packed with people tired of being cooped up all winter.  I twisted my ankle at the beginning of the ride.  Stupidly losing my balance and hitting the edge of the curb with my foot.  Peddling didn’t seem to bother me and I certainly wasn’t going to stop.

Today I can barely put any pressure on my foot and I’m so mad at myself.  Mad because I just want to sit here and cry.  Mad because I can’t get out and hike to make myself feel better.  Mad because just when I think I’m feeling better and I can beat this damn depression, I  have days like this.  I wonder if it is even worth taking the drugs since I continue to have days like this.

Tomorrow is another day…

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