Worms on the sidewalk

It’s April and I think Spring is finally here.  At least now it is raining instead of snowing.

Spring is not my favourite season.  I actually prefer Fall and Winter to the rain, mud and endless swarms of insects of Spring.  I am happy that the rain and warm weather is melting the ice and soon, very soon, I’ll be able to get out on the water in my canoe.

The other thing I dislike about Spring is all the worms on the sidewalk.  On rainy days the worms appear, making their long journey across the sidewalk.  I can’t step on them.  So my eyes are down, looking for the next worm.  Walking like a drunk person as I avoid worm after worm.

I did notice that focusing on these slimy beings took my focus away from what is going on in my head.  You can’t focus on the sadness, the blackness, the worries, when you are trying not to step on worms.

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