FB isn’t all bad

I sprained my ankle on the weekend.

It’s not a bad sprain.  But for someone who walks to fend off the demons in her head this was a major blow.  I need to walk. I walk fast and long so that all I can think about is putting one foot in front of the other.

So, I did something the old married me would never do – I reached out to my friends.  The old me would have been cranky and rely only on my partner to cheer me up.  Yet another stress on a fragile relationship.

I posted on Facebook about my ankle and directly said that I was looking for sympathy.  My friends responded with concern.  Offers to shop.  Stories of their past sprained ankles.  Funny stories about relying on teenagers for help.  And today one friend and I are heading to the forest to take strength from the trees.

I will walk slowly among the trees.  I will sit in the middle of the forest, smelling the soil and listening to the water.  And I will feel better.


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