Starting a business is hard

The end of my marriage took place over the course of several years.  I the process of discovering or re-discovering myself I realized that my husband and I were no longer in love.

When I was trying to figure out what to do, the first thing I knew I needed was to leave my corporate job.  After much soul-searching searching and working with a career coach I settled on the idea of starting a new business helping seniors move.  Everybody thought this was a wonderful idea including me, even though I really kind of had no idea how to make this happen.  Initially I started work working with a partner, but in the end our ideology and ways of operating a business were too different. I decided to go ahead on my own.

So, I started my business. I came up with a name, marketing, business plan and I started networking.  I began with next to no money and simple had my husband support me.  I believe he was ok with that – he never said otherwise.  He was supportive and realized I needed to make some sort of dramatic change to my life.  Perhaps he thought that this was a way to invigorate our marriage, and the woman he fell in love with would come back.  Well, that didn’t happen.

I think networking was the hardest for me because generally as an introvert it’s hard to put myself out there.  To go out on a daily basis and meet new people.  Then trying to make conversation with these new people when the last thing I want to do is make small talk with other people. Which, just let me say is why I love this blog because I can ramble on and on and on and not have to worry about the person that I’m talking to.

I did my due diligence I went to networking group after networking group and met with hundreds of real estate agents.  Real estate agents who will say they’re interested in your business and they say that we can work together but really it’s what I could do for them.  With all the real estate agents that I connected with, not one referred a job to me, it was very frustrating.

After working with some wonderful seniors, in the end I decided to close my business.  I found working by myself very difficult.  I really needed a partner to motivate me, share ideas and help with the networking.

I certainly don’t look back on this part of my life as a failure.  I did meet some awesome people who I now count as friends and I got some new ideas.  I became interested in essential oils, learning how to work with recycled fabrics, learning about wild edibles and becoming an herbalist. I also discovered the joy of meet up, which is a whole other topic for another day.

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