My dogs are happy

Today is a blue day.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know what triggered the darkness.  I just know that I woke early and started crying.  I’ve been crying on and off today.  I’ve tried to yell at my demons and a few times it’s worked, but most times, my demons yell back.  It’s been a struggle trying to be positive and tell myself that the things my demons are saying to me is not true.

Then I went for a walk with one of my dogs.  I was a little teary on the walk (thankfully there were not too many people on the trail during the day).  Then it occurred to me that my dog was having a great time and maybe I could be more like her.

These are some of the things I’ve learned from my dogs.

A good walk will cure anything.
Well maybe not everything but it will certainly make you feel better. For my dogs, a walk also means they can meet some of their fur friends – sniff some poles, have a big poo and smell the world.

If you are tired lie down and take a nap.
My dogs are always napping. They always look so relaxed.  I haven’t been able to simply stop and take a nap when I’m tired but I’m working on it

Eat with gusto like it is your last meal.
The thing about my anti depressants is that I never feel hungry. Good for weight loss but not for my incredible love of food and cooking. I’m jealous of my dogs.  If anything will get me to stop taking these drugs it is the ability to really really enjoy food again.

Always greet someone with a big smile.
My dogs are always happy to see me. Which of course is one of the reasons I have them. They jump up and down. They wag their tails. My little dog has even learned to smile. She bares her teeth in her version of a smile whenever I get home.
When I see someone I know. I greet them with a smile. Even if I feel crappy. This makes me feel better and hopefully makes the person I’m meeting feel good too.



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