If all else fails, plan a canoe trip

Today is a beautiful day!  The ice is slowly melting on the northern lakes.  Soon I’ll be able to drag my kayak out of the garage and get out on the water.

I needed to feel active.  So today I planned 3 backcountry canoe trips for this summer.  I love to plan.  I love to organize and I love to get people out of their climate controlled houses and into the wilderness.  Booking the trips definitely lifted my spirits, just the thought of hour after hour of paddling calms my soul.

One of my favourite trips is to Killarney Provincial Park.  The beautiful, white La Cloche mountains were the backdrop for many famous paintings.  The scenery is exquisite.  Last year, I took a group into Killarney.  We didn’t paddle much, only camping on Bell Lake for two nights.  It was a great trip even though it was only a few weeks after I confronted my husband and made the decision to leave him.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry at all on that trip.  My camping partners were very supportive and allowed me to tell my story.  They, in turn, shared their stories.

The trees absorbed my sorrow and gave me strength.

This summer, we’ll be paddling a little deeper into the park and staying for another night.  I look forward to the long paddle and hopefully a hike up Silver Peak.


IMG_0380 (2)

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