Girls Rule

This past weekend I was privileged enough to take part in a joint Scout/Girl Guide camp.  The girls in my daughter’s unit took first AND second place!  Beating out 24 other groups.

The camp was a Competition Camp.  Groups of Scouts (11-14) and Pathfinders (12-14) participated in a series of challenges such as tug of war, camp set up, scavenger hunt, fire building and my favourite, preparing a dinner for the leaders.  The camp is run entirely by Venturer Scouts.  The leaders camp in another field and are  only there  in case of an emergency.

I was told some scary things about the dinners.  Imagine, these kids had to come up with something they could cook, do the shopping, cook the dinner on a camp stove and serve it politely to the leaders.  The groups also had to bake something. Either using a camp oven or a box oven.  Often the food was under cooked or burned.  Food choices could include Kraft Dinner or pancakes.  My dinner, served by a scout troop, was burgers, devilled eggs, salad and yogurt parfait for dessert.  Their baked muffins did not turn out.  It actually wasn’t bad.

All participants including the leaders slept in tents for the weekend.  Yep, it was cold.  It went down to -1C overnight.  I burrowed into my down sleeping bag, covered my a wool blanket and wearing my down vest.  Camping in April in Ontario is a bit of a crap shoot.  Thankfully, the days were sunny and relatively warm.  It did not rain.

The weekend made me feel great.  So good to be outside in the trees.  I was so impressed by the attitude of the scouts and pathfinders.  They were so enthusiastic.  It was infectious.

It felt good to be anxiety free all weekend.

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